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Short History

For a long time, I have wanted to make a very small scale model of a narrow gauge railroad, that preferrably have existed in the Swedish province of Värmland. The most famous (and only) 2-foot gauge railroad in Värmland was the Bosjöbanan, or the LBB as it's abbreviation was (which in US style would be "Lindfors-Bosjö RR"). This RR existed between 1913 and the 1930's, but were completely tore up in the early 1950's. (Short LBB history) See also the map

My choice became that I would try to model some part of the RR during some part of it's existance. I chose the S scale, mostly because I then could use H09 and 009 materials for the rolling stock. The scale also admits more detail, aswell as providing possibilities even for my large fingers...

The choice of landscape became the depot of Bosjön, where the RR had it's one and only depot building, a turntable, a relatively large switch yard (two tracks and three switches!) and an interesting engine shed with a smith shop. I thought that this would give me enough to do, considering the pace of my modeling. That is, half of the depot area, placed on a (definetly expandable) module, measuring c. 1.0 x 0.4 meters.

Thanks to an initiative by a member of the Swedish Narrow Gauge Association, me and my family came along on an excursion to the remaints of Bosjöbanan in the fall of 2000. This gave me some inspiring input to make some modeling efforts.

The Model

The module grows slowly but surely; in the early 1990's I made the walls of the engine shed and the 1914 passenger car started to take shape. In the early 2000's, they both got roofs...

To keep the modeling on a suitable level of capacity in my scale, I've chosen to use H09 and 009 track, switches and car chassies. 1/64th of 600 millimeters (that equals 2 Swedish foot! NB!) is 9.4 millimeters, which I find acceptably close. I use the term Sn2 to describe my scale and gauge, not sure if it's OK, but still... Maybe S9 would be better?

After the excursion, I took some wood and Treetex and put the small module together; it's measures were decided by the dimensions of the wood and Treetex. I carved out a track profile and marked out locations for the engine shed, the turntable and the depot.

During the fall of 2000 I got hold of some scratch built models, made by a fellow Narrow Gaugist(?), who had made some free-lanced Swedish 2-foot models. I've also bought some different dump car chassies to experiment out some solutions regarding function, appearance and scale.

My next efforts are some nice times of landscaping, painting, building a shed for firewood, rolling stock and more... and sometime perhaps the depot!


The pictures are in JPEG format, c. 10-50 kb's each. Some page may take some time to open, but please be patient!

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